For years now the folks at WestJet have been doing things differently when it comes to their passengers – and of course flying.  In order to spread a little Christmas joy to some of their passengers the company used some VERY cool technology to not only give them presents – but the EXACT things they asked for!  This is really neat and really well done!

250 passengers were asked to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas before a flight from Toronto to Calgary.  They were talking in real time to the big man himself as they went over an item on their list.  When they finally touched down at their destination – what did their wondering eyes see?  Well, gifts coming down the luggage carousel as they waited for their bags.

The promotional stunt left a lot of people decidedly cheery as the airline handed out everything from free flights, to clothing and even a 50-inch TV.  Suffice to say that the passengers both young and old were shocked when it happened and some of their reactions are priceless.  Have a look!

Apparently WestJet had over 100 volunteers ready to spring into action and collect the gifts – big and small.  By small, I’m referring to the gentleman who only asked for socks.  He got them – but I’m sure he’s kicking himself now…

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