The new issue of Cosmo reveals some interesting dating terms you might want to memorize.


  • Apoco-lips – Really hot guy…terrible kisser – due to chapped lips, bad breath, or lack of practice.


  • Bread-crumbing – When he passively reaches out to you but never makes direct contact. He keeps an eye on you but doesn’t ask you out…he just drops little crumbs that you pick up.


  • Date Baiting – When the person sets a day to see you but doesn’t follow up with a time and place, leaving a spot reserved on your iCal and a meet-up that never happens.


  • Dateflation (Dating + Inflation) – When he says he doesn’t want anything serious but treats you like a GF, making you think this could be something. When you try to define the relationship, he claims he’s still “not ready right now,” even though he’s already acting the part.


  • The Dot Dot Dot Deadlock – When you see each other typing texts, so you delete yours and wait for a response. Problem is, he does too, so you’re left with an unfinished convo, wondering if you missed out on him professing his love.


  • Half-Night Stand – When you bounce from his house – or he bounces from yours – in the middle of the night post-hookup without notice.


  • Narcisexuals – People who are awful to date because they believe they’re god’s gift. They’re better off staying single, because no one else can ever match up.


  • Social Screening – When he views your Snapchat Story (or uploads one) but doesn’t respond to your text, inducing extreme anger.