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Because I care, and I want you to get it right (It’s important)

Posted on by George


We know that you’re not going to steal candy from your kids (wink, wink) but we thought it couldn’t hurt if you knew which wines go best with which Halloween candies.  Thank-you Vinino.  Whatever would we do without you.

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We are strong – be proud to be Canadian

Posted on by adele



Youtuber Omar Albach, put on a social experiment where he challenged Canadians to defend a man who was being verbally abused based on the Ottawa tragedy and it will make you very proud to be Canadian.

 Omar’s friend Devin plays a man who is abusing a man on the street because of the Ottawa shootings. It does not end well for Devin.

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I’ve never seen a dog play frozen. Until now…and it’s hilarious!

Posted on by P.J.


This video is bizarre.  In fact more specifically – this pooch is bizarre.  I’ve had a lot of dogs, been around a lot of dogs and seen a lot of videos of dogs doing pretty strange things.  THIS however might be the topper.  Jennie’s dad has a dog that loves him, but hates Daniel.  Not sure why, but Daniel is on this dog’s list and you need to see it to believe it.

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Amazing Parents

Posted on by Producer Ryan

daughter 1
This girl owns Halloween. Check out the costume this girl’s father made for her. They use her wheelchair as part of her costume every year…

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Boston Bruins ………do Frozen?

Posted on by adele


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WATCH: Up Close & Personal With Taylor Swift

Posted on by Ryan The Promo Guy


Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 is available everywhere today, and to celebrate, our Taylor Kaye sat down with Taylor Swift at the City Studios to talk all about the album and more!

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Taylor Swift Up Close & Personal

Posted on by Fun and Games Dept.

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WATCH: O’Canada Sung At Hockey Game In Support Of Ottawa Shootings

Posted on by adele


With the recent shootings in Ottawa, support has come from all across the world. At last nights  Philadelphia Flyers/Pittsburgh Penguins the entire arena sung the Canadian national anthem. Check out the video!

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BREAKING NEWS LIVE BLOG: Shots fired on Parliament Hill

Posted on by joel.smith

OTTAWA – Ottawa police confirm there were three shooting incidents in the downtown core Wednesday morning, at the National War Memorial, near the Rideau Centre and at Parliament Hill.

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Posted on by adele


Coldplay will release a live album and DVD on November 24th titled Ghost Stories Live 2014. Both will feature only concert renditions of material from the band’s sixth studio album, Ghost Stories, which came out earlier this year. The CD will contain highlights from various shows the band played during the relatively short Ghost Stories tour, while the DVD/Blu-ray will feature a performance at a custom-built amphitheater at Sony Studios in Los Angeles.

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