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Archive for “Miley Cyrus” Tag

Look At These Emoji Portraits!

Posted on by Adele, Tara, & Cash

yung8Image: Yung Jake

Check out this artist, Yung Jake. He creates digital celebrity portraits using nothing but Emojis. Pictured above is his portrait of Jerry Seinfeld. How real does that look? You can follow him on Tumblr here, or on Instagram here. See the more emoji portraits after the jump that include Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Larry David and more.

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Posted on by adele

 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Press RoomMiley Cyrus‘ childhood pastor has revealed that he has received hate mail because the singer was a member of his congregation. Pastor Dave Roberts told Radar Online, “We’ve gotten hate mail over the years, because that’s how people are. My thought on that is it’s easy to criticize until you’ve lived in the pressure of it. I think most people can’t imagine what it’s like, they can’t have any idea what that all looks like . . . They write to the church because they assume that anything she does and when she was younger anything on the show that they didn’t like, they would write to me and say, ‘You should have taught her better’ It’s silly.”

Roberts went on to say that Miley’s hater should pray for her instead of passing judgments. He said, “I usually write them back to say, ‘You’re talking about a young girl, maybe your prayer and support would be more valuable than your critique . . . you can’t imagine the pressure (she’s under).”

The pastor then said that although Miley no longer attends the church, she is always welcome to return. He continued, “If she ever needs help, she can know I’m here for her. I know Tish [Cyrus] and Billy Ray [Cyrus] much better, and Noah [Cyrus] I know fairly well because my daughter and Noah are friends.”

He added, “We believe what they’re (the Cyrus family) doing is very important and sometimes very difficult. We do our best to be supportive of a family that we know is under terrific pressure, we’ve got their back, we’re here for them, whatever happens.”

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Okay now this is well done – The Roots and Jimmy sing with Miley

Posted on by adele


Just when we thought we had successfully fortified ourselves against any and all future foam-fingered cries for attention, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots had to come along and open our minds to the magic of Miley Cyrus again.

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[VIDEO] Up Close & Personal With Miley Cyrus

Posted on by Ryan Wallis


While the rest of the world is talking about her, we’re talking to her!

Watch as Adam Wylde sits down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with the most buzzed about singer on the planet…Miley Cyrus!

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In ‘Wrecking Ball’ pet parody, adorable pooch is swinging and wagging

Posted on by adele


Blinding white background and matching T-shirt and panties? Check. Plenty of tongue-wagging synchronized with a catchy pop song? Check. Inexplicable swinging on a massive wrecking ball? Checkmate. But if you’re expecting a Miley Cyrus video you may (or may not) be disappointed. Instead it’s a parody called “Tennis Ball” by the Pet Collective, and the super-adorable dog named Lily is the star of this particular show

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[VIDEO] Miley Cyrus Performs ‘We Can’t Stop’ And Teams Up With Robin Thicke For ‘Blurred Lines’ at 2013 MTV VMAs

Posted on by Ryan Wallis


Miley Cyrus was joined onstage by a gang of furries during her crazy performance of ‘We Can’t Stop’ at the 2013 MTV VMAs.

After performing an abbreviated version of her smash hit, Robin Thicke emerged onstage with Cyrus, to perform his chart topper ‘Blurred Lines’ while Cyrus handled some of the verses.

If that wasn’t enough star power, rappers 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar, jumped onstage next to help Thicke perform his new single ‘Give It 2 U.’

Check it out…

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