Grapes are so refreshing! Toss them in the freezer and bam! Insta-healthy cooling treat. But, they’re not always cheap. We can pay $7-$8 a pound…

Would you ever spend $20 on a bunch of grapes? What if they were specialty?

I recently spoke about the grapes I bought. Cotton candy organic grapes. They taste like cotton candy, I kid you not! They’re so yummy and I can’t remember what I paid for them but I’m certain that it was more than a normal pound of grapes.

I draw the line when I’m paying more than $8 bucks a pound…but sometimes you just really want grapes no matter the cost.

A bunch of Ruby Roman grapes were auctioned off at a wholesale market in Japan and were sold for $14,317! Yup, almost 15 grand for grapes…and only 30 (give or take) of them!

The buyer was a supermarket that actually paid a record breaking $39,046 for a pair of Yubari Melons in the Spring! So many jokes could be made here…moving on…

The grocery store that bought the grapes plans on putting them on display and they’ll be handed out to customers for free. One grape would be valued around $477. Yowza!