Everyone talks about the terrible twos but I have a secret: I love toddlers. They’re these tiny fireballs of energy, attitude, and enthusiasm.

Sure, they change their minds about 30 times a day and the things they loved yesterday they may hate today, but they can’t help it.

“But this was your favourite meal yesterday!”

They have the absolute best stories to tell you, even if it does take them four years to tell them. And the way their faces light up when they see you and they throw themselves into your arms is basically the best feeling ever.

La Guardia Cross, the “New Father Chronicles” vlogger, has a daughter, Amalah, who is now 21-months-old. You can tell she’s the absolute light of his life but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some advice he can share with any up and coming parents.

Here’s his video – with help from Amalah – with all his toddler survival tips.

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