It’s not a contamination which is good but this recall is because it has something in it that’s not on the label.

Healthy Body Services Inc. has voluntary recalled of two lots (G4016A and G4016) of Allmax-brand “Rapidcuts Shredded” capsules (NPN 80041658) because the product contains a prescription drug (yohimbine hydrochloride) not listed on the label. This product is promoted to be a work out stimulant and fat burner and available across Canada.



Two lots of Allmax-brand Rapidcuts Shredded capsules (NPN 80041658):

  • Bottles of 90 capsules with lot number G4016A (Exp: Jun 2019)
  • Bottles of 45 capsules with lot number G4016 (Exp: Jun 2019)
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