The 24th annual CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon has raised an incredible $241,166.00!

One small light can make a world of difference in a child’s life. You can be that difference … by supporting the CHYM Tree of Hope!

Be sure to help and support our CHYM Tree Of Hope Radiothon Thursday, December 1st in support of Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region. Join us for the ‘Drive for Hope’ with Adele, Tara and Cash from 6 to 9am, and with Sandra from 3 to 6pm…live from Fairview Park. Donate by phone 519-748-TREE (8733), online or stop by, and learn more about the tremendous difference your generosity will make to a local family.

CHYM Tree Of Hopes means alot to everyone. Take a moment to see what it means to our CHYM announcers….



It’s a great honour to share the stories of hope and success of Family & Children Services. I can’t even begin to imagine our community without their help. ~ Adele

The Tree of Hope is a gift to ALL of us. It fills my heart to know we are each a part of something much larger than we can fully anticipate. Giving hope during the holidays and beyond! ~ Tara

It’s amazing what can happen when good people come together for a great cause. The Tree Of Hope is a bright shining light of good. Family & Children’s Services is an amazing conduit for help and progress. Lives change. Together, we can make a difference. ~Cash



The work that the men and women of Family and Children’s Services do every single day takes a level of commitment, dedication and empathy found in so few people. They are incredible human beings doing incredible work for the future of our community and the Tree of Hope Radiothon is a great way for the entire Region to show their support of the work that is being done. ~PJ


Last year was my first experience with CHYM tree of hope.Everyone told me to get ready to cry…and I told myself I wouldn’t.Well, that worked for a bit.

When you hear the stories, the struggles and the successes of the children who have been helped you can’t help but weep. Your heart will be heavy when you hear what some of these kids have been through. You’ll shake your head in disbelief. However, you’ll hear what the money raised helps to fund and how those programs have helped these children. And, that’s when your heart will explode with love and you’ll pick up the phone to help make a difference in the lives of children in Waterloo Region. ~Sandra


Adele, Tara, & Cash sat down with Dom. Dom and his partner Nikki received some assistance from Family & Children’s Services and this was a positive experience. Dom and Nikki wanted to find ways to support Family & Children’s Services so that other families could continue to receive similar help in the community. Dom and Nikki are members of the Wolf Pack motorcycle club, which focuses on charity and making the community stronger. Family & Children’s Services has been the lucky recipient of their generous, hands-on charity work.
Dom is a really kind, generous and soft-spoken man. His motorcycle club is small at 11 members, but they appear to be a very tight group – almost like a family. They really prefer hands-on volunteering and feel very satisfied when they can see first-hand the effect of their donations on families in need.


Adele, Tara, and Cash talked to John. John formed Financial Horizons Group in 1990, and it is now the largest Managing General Agency (MGA) in Canada representing over 50 financial institutions in Canada. Financial Horizons Group has 30 offices, 340 employees, and is licensed in every province to provide world-class service to over 10,000 independent advisors Canada-wide.  John is very active in his community and was formerly on the Board of Directors of Family & Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region. John and his wife Terry are the matching donors of the CHYM Tree of Hope. I haven’t actually met John and I don’t know that he has really shared in a public way what his personal reasons are for becoming a major donor – but I know that there are some. When I sent him the list of questions he said he was fine to answer all of them. We’re all excited to hear what he has to say!

Adele, Tara, and Cash talked to Mohammed who is originally from Iraq and worked as a construction engineer. He and his family fled to Syria and then to Canada in search of safety and stability. After arriving in Canada as refugees in 2011, they participated in a language and citizenship program but found it difficult to find work. The stress and trauma from their lives abroad has taken a toll on their health, but Mohammed and his wife are determined to give back to the community through volunteer work. Mohammed is always open to learning and discovered the Caring Dads program, delivered in Arabic by Family & Children’s Services and the John Howard Society.
Keghani is a Family Violence Treatment Specialist at Family & Children’s Services and a native Arabic speaker. She leads the Caring Dads group.




Sandra chatted with Dianna. A few years ago, Dianna had a baby and a one-year old without a stable place to live. She was in a bad relationship with a guy who was using drugs and the children’s needs were not being met. A worried family member called Family & Children’s Services. Dianna refused to listen to concerns and didn’t feel like she needed help.
When she didn’t change her situation, Dianna’s children needed to be cared for safely by someone else. For 2 years Dianna’s children lived with a relative while she worked hard to change. Her children now 7,6 and 4, moved home with Dianna and her fiancé at the end of June.
Dianna has learned so much about herself and worked very hard over the last couple of years. She is very comfortable talking about how things were before and how closed she was to accepting help. She has a message for other families who may be listening.

Sandra sat down and chatted with Kevin. Kevin has been teaching music theory, improvisation and recording in classical and modern styles in a customized way to students for 20 years. About 2 years ago he began teaching music at The Family Centre as part of the CYRP (Child and Youth Resilience Project). CYRP aims to boost the community’s capacity for enhancing resilience in children, families and community by offering creative programming to families experiencing adversity.
Kevin knows that the families and children he works with at the Family Centre may have experienced some trauma in their lives. He also knows that music is healing. Seeing children and teens blossom in his class is very rewarding for him.

Sarah sat down and talked to Sandra. Sarah and her husband John are parents to 4 young children. A couple of years ago they were struggling with health issues and the demands of having young children. They needed help but did not want to work with Family & Children’s Services because of negative things they had heard and believed.
As workers began to visit the family and offer supports, things turned around for Sarah and John. One of the workers visited once a week for over a year to provide in-home support to Sarah. She describes the support they received as “life-changing”.



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