You might remember Adele, Tara, and Cash helping out Maggie. Her wish was to be a celebrity for a day as well as meet Elsa at Walt Disney World. Well, Maggie’s dreams came true and Maggie and her family wanted to share their incredible experience with us!



Maggie has always been a fan of Disney Princesses since she was a little girl. After seeing the movie Frozen for the first-time Maggie has wished to meet Elsa, The Queen of Arendelle in Walt Disney World. In November 2016 Make a Wish SWO not only granted Maggie’s wish, but turned her wish into a magical dream come true.

There are very few words that can truly explain seeing your child so happy, but the best word we have to describe Maggie’s wish is EXTRAORDINARY!
Maggie enjoyed her entire trip and often would look up at us without prompting; smile and say “I am REALLY HAPPY!!”?If she had to choose her favorite thing about her wish, she would say without a doubt her WISH DAY!

Maggie had a scheduled meet and greet with Queen Elsa on the second day of arriving in Florida. We arrived at Magic Kingdom the morning of her wish, walked down Main Street USA towards Cinderella’s iconic castle our excitement was palpable. As Maggie waited inside The Wish Lounge she was nervously chatty and taking in all the sites of the room.

Then suddenly without warning Queen Elsa enters the room. She was “even more beautiful in real life” Maggie said to me later on the trip. Queen Elsa walked towards where Maggie was standing. Maggie stood frozen in complete shock. As Maggie looked at Elsa with her eyes wide open, she was suddenly speechless. She couldn’t believe that Queen Elsa was right beside her.
Elsa had a warm and friendly demeanor that Maggie instantly gravitated to. Elsa complemented Maggie on the blue dress she was wearing and told Maggie that blue was her “very favorite color” They also talked about Maggie’s hair, shoes and glasses, but Maggie was particularly thrilled when Elsa noticed her nails. You see Maggie had a special manicure the evening before at GKTW. Her nails were painted blue and white in honor of Queen Elsa.

As Elsa was admiring Maggie’s beautiful nails, she asked if she could use her ice powers and freeze the nail polish to Maggie’s finger nails. Of course, Maggie agreed. She placed her hands-on Elsa’s lap and in a few short moments Elsa’s ice powers froze the nail polish…. it stayed perfect until her operation when the nurse had to reverse the powers to have it removed.
During the visit Elsa and Maggie chatted all about Elsa’s friends Sven, Kristoff and especially Olaf. They laughed and giggled about all the silly things a Snowman likes to do in summer. As they were talking Elsa learned a lot about Maggie and she mentioned that Maggie and her have something very important in common with each other. Elsa said to Maggie “We are both older sisters!” This sparked a whole new conversation about the responsibilities of being a big sister to their feisty little sisters.

Elsa stayed with Maggie sharing lots of stories, taking pictures and signing autographs until she was needed back in Arandelle. Elsa was so kind she invited our family to see her freeze Cinderella’s castle before the fireworks display at the end of the day. As Elsa left she turned back towards Maggie for one last hug.

Once our special visit with Elsa was over we continued our amazing day in Magic Kingdom enjoying all the rides, characters and shows. As promised we stayed late into the evening to watch the spectacular “Castle Dream Lights…A Frozen Holiday Wish” The show was absolutely magical and stunning. Maggie watched in awe as Elsa froze Cinderella’s castle right before her eyes. The fireworks, music, lights and even SNOW were breathtaking. It was without a doubt the perfect way to end an incredible wish day.

Thank you Make a Wish SWO you made a young girl and her family incredibly happy. We will be forever grateful for this extraordinary gift that has brought joy, hope and strength to not only our family, but to a lager circle of family members and friends that have followed Maggie’s entire wish process.

As a family, we knew that this trip was going to be amazing. We knew were going to create lasting memories. We knew that we were extremely fortunate to be grated this wish, but nothing could have prepared us for the life changing impact it has left on each of us. We now know firsthand how the power of a wish has the ability to change lives.

Wendy (mom): What I have learned from this experience is that people are innately good. People want to help, people want to lift others spirits, and in doing so they feel good about themselves. If you create kindness, kindness will come to you. It amazed me how many people just wanted to help make this experience the absolute best it could be for Maggie. Brittany and Misha have and continue to be so friendly, informative and supportive.
Gloria and Shannon captured who Maggie is right from the very first visit. Nicole from Abbey fund worked so hard to perfect a dress for a young girl she doesn’t even know, and nailed it! CHYM FM the morning hosts, the producers went above and beyond to create a moment in Maggie’s life that she will never ever forget….and talks about daily I might add 😉  Katie Grant and her awesome team in room #103 at Southwood Secondary School in Cambridge for spearheading a return to school that changed the way our community perceives high school kids. The students at Southwood, who jumped on board during their spare time to come together as one community to make another student feel accepted, loved, and to see her wish come true. The entire school benefited from people just wanting to do good.

Anthony (dad): He was inspired by the number of volunteers from all over North America that give of their time to make kids happy at GKTW. He saw groups of high school kids that save and fundraise money to get plane tickets to come and volunteer.

Maggie (wish kid): Maggie herself talks about going back to GKTW to volunteer (she wants to deliver the pizzas ;)) She wants to share with others how amazing it feels when others care. The timing of Maggie’s wish couldn’t have been better. She was feeling anxious about her upcoming surgery and would often cry or shut down when we tried to prepare her for it. However, during the entire week there was no talk of surgery, no anxiety, no fear, just pure innocence and joy. The wish trip kept her mind off her upcoming hospital visit and focused solely on fun and making incredible memories. She also LOVED hanging out with her sister. They were able to create a strong bond through this experience; it will ALWAYS be a part of them and something only these two sisters share.

Lily (sister): As parents, we found the biggest impact of this entire experience was on Lily. Lily is a typical 11year old focused on her needs and wants, until Maggie’s wish. Lily came home from GKTW a changed girl. She has more confidence, more empathy and an awareness of how to be kind. She is proud of Maggie and more importantly she is proud to be Maggie’s sister. It was 2 or 3 days after arriving home that Lily said to me “Mom, the trip was an inspiration to me” “Can we go back and volunteer?” as our conversation continued she mentioned how she would like to shovel people’s driveway this winter. She said “They don’t have to pay me; they can pay me in high fives just like GKTW” Lily recently said to us after another evening reminiscing “I saw what people did for me and Maggie and I’d like other kids to feel the same way I did” As parent we cannot be more proud.

Make a wish has a very simple, yet meaningful mission “to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy” and that is exactly what Make a Wish did for Maggie and our family.

Forever Grateful
The Eichler Family

Here’s a reminder of what happened when Maggie came and visited CHYM and her school!


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