Beauty And The Beast pulled in some monster numbers at the box office. Actually, the figures Beauty And The Beast ended with were record breaking! With $170M at the domestic box office, BATB now holds the record for biggest March opening weekend ever. It’s also the 7th biggest box office opening of all-time. Add the $180M the live-action Disney remake pulled in at the international box office and the film has already made $350M! Wow. Cash, Tara and Sandra all saw it. Their reviews are below.


Here’s what Cash said:

“Go see Beauty and the Beast! Saw it in IMAX 3D at @landmarkcinemas and I was blown away. Your jaw will drop with the first musical number. Everything was spot on. The music, the vocals, the choreography, the costumes, the sets, the sheer size of the production. It’s a small corner of Disney’s universe but it feels so grand and epic. Know the feeling you get when you experience the magic at DisneyWorld? You’ll feel the same watching Beauty and the Beast. Magnificent performances by an all-star cast led by @emmawatson @thatdanstevens @thereallukeevans and @joshgad. 9/10 ?????”


Tara loved it too. Here’s what she thought:

“LOVED it! An instant classic. It is everything I wanted it to be. Visually stunning, amazing cast and, man-oh-man, you want to sing along! 9/10”



Sandra was a fan as well! Here’s what she said:

“It was the best! They did an amazing job recreating and adding a few new things. You. Must. See. It. Also, Gaston was the worst. They did an incredible job casting!”


BTW, Cash and Tara both agreed …. their favourite song was GASTON!



Sandra’s favourite number was the opening song, BELLE!






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