Chicken nuggets could dethrone Ellen’s #OscarSelfie as the most retweeted tweet of all time! Remember that kid who tweeted Wendy’s asking what it would take for them to give him free chicken nuggets for a year?



As of April 19th, 2017, Carter’s tweet has been re-tweeted 3.2M. The current record for most retweets is Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie.



Well, Ellen didn’t like the prospect of losing her record so she proposed Wilkerson a mutually beneficial offer: anyone who retweets his request for nuggets also has to retweet her selfie. In exchange, Wilkerson received a 55-inch TV and a year’s supply of Ellen underwear and was promised another gift if DeGeneres’ photo reaches 18 million retweets.


Think ‘Nugget Boy’ will be able to do it?


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