Our very own nighttime host John Tesh, has been battling — and beating — cancer. The good news — John’s doctors got the cancer, and he’s now going through follow-up rounds of chemo.

In the meantime, John is maintaining a full schedule, including his Intelligence for Your Life radio show, touring, and working out as seen in this recent Facebook post.

Here’s a note from John himself, to his fans:

Hey guys. I’m sure you’ve heard bits and pieces about my cancer journey so I wanted to give you (and especially me) some great news. 

After 2 surgeries the docs at MD Anderson are guaranteeing me another decade or more of life expectancy… which means I’ll still be bringing the IFYL long after you retire to your pontoon party boat.  I have 2 more Chemo sessions to ‘wash out’ any microscopic cells but that’s normal protocol. 

Love you all and thanks for your support!  



[photo credit: facebook.com]

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