Canada Day celebrations can get busy and crowded. Here are a few tips in case you and your little ones get separated. Share this post with other parents and post any other tips you have in the comments!

– Take a photo of your child at the start of the day/event so you have exactly what they are wearing/look like.

– Write your name and cell number along the inside neck collar or bottom seam of your child’s shirt so they can show it to someone for help. Sharpie on the arm/back works too but can rub off.

– If there are volunteers or security, show your child what they are wearing and point them out regularly. None? Look for moms with kids! Make it a game so they are actively looking for them.

– Play the “What Am I Wearing?” game. Have your kids take a good look at you, close their eyes and describe what you’re wearing. It might help them locate your in a crowd or describe you to others.

– If traveling, take a few of your hotel’s business cards from the front desk (you also often find them on the nightstand in your room) and tuck them into your kids’ pockets.

Have a safe and fun long weekend everyone!

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