Sometimes you just need to watch a man playing guitar for a 3-day-old baby rhino and you don’t even know it!

This not-so-little rhino calf was rejected by her mother at birth down at Petronel Nieuwoudt’s Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa.

The Sanctuary says she “has a strong will to survive” and “continues to improve as each day goes by!”

“Fortunately for Care for Wild staff, we have the ‘baby rhino sleep whisperer’ in the form of Mark Mills, who is a ungulate keeper at Monarto Zoo, and is currently at our rhino orphanage on a 6 month work placement. Whenever Mark plays the guitar, this baby rhino will listen intently and then snuggle up next to him where she falls into a deep sleep.”


And for anyone wondering, the baby was receiving fluids from IV drips so the cannulas were still in her ears, hence the bandages on her ears to keep them in.

To sponsor the ongoing care of this rescued baby rhino and more just like it, you can support the Care For Wild *Africa* rhino sanctuary:

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