I’ve been wearing glasses for as long as I can remember. When I was younger – there was a stigma attached to wearing them that made some people (including myself) feel like they made you look like a “nerdy student” or a “bookworm” and let’s face it – kids can be cruel. Since then – I’ve had numerous opportunities to switch to contacts but didn’t want to because I really do LOVE wearing glasses! They are such a great fashion statement as well as a great accessory that you really can choose to suit your personal style.

If you wear glasses and have been thinking about making a change, or updating your prescription or style – I would suggest you give Vogue Optical a try. I’ve been to MANY optometrists and glasses providers over the years and this was easily one of my best experiences. Have a look…

A thorough eye exam, a huge selection of frames and great service – especially when you’re trying to find the right style and the right fit – I got it all at Vogue Optical. They have several locations in the Region and surrounding area including in Kitchener (235 Ira Needles), Waterloo (36 Northfield Dr. East) and Guelph (in Stone Road Mall). Check them out online here at www.vogueoptical.com

Good luck!

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