March Break is coming! You might be looking for some stuff to do with the kids.

You might have one of these dilemmas: You don’t want the kids to spend the entire week in front of a screen or you’re on a tight budget.

Here’s a list of fun activities for you and the kids, that’ll get them away from their screens and won’t break the bank.


Play some board games:

There’s nothing like bringing out the board games out of storage. Dust off your Game of Life, Clue or Monopoly (Might be a long night with Monopoly) and have some fun competition!


Put together a Jigsaw puzzle:

Go to your local book store and in the game section you’ll often find a jigsaw puzzle. It’s always fun trying to put together the pieces of a puzzle. It can lead to great conversations with your family and can teach the meaning of team work and problem solving for your kids!



It’s always fun teaching kids how to cook and you can easily plan out a full day filled with goodies!

Today’s Parent has some recipes for you to try!


Make Crafts:

You can teach your kids how to make origami, towel art, so many crafts for you to try. Not to mention: you’re teaching your kids motor skills and encouraging creativity.

Today’s Parent has all your craft ideas!


Bulid a fort:

Build a simple fort using pillows and blankets and enjoy some chill time! You can watch movies, read stories, the skies the limit with your fort.


Hope you and your kids have a great March Break!

(Photo Source: Public Domain Pictures)

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