Today, March 20th is International Day Of Happiness!

To celebrate, here’s 5 ways to live a happier life!


Start a Healthy Meal Plan:

A steady, balanced diet is a key to happiness. Eating healthier can lead to less emotional issues and a better self esteem. Foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals can prevent depression and anxiety.


Spend Time with Friends and Family:

It’s very important to maintain some balance in your life. Balance your professional and personal life. According to numerous studies, spending time with love ones helps with creativity and productivity.


Have a Positive mindset, counteract the negatives:

Negative thoughts can lead to anxiety and other major issues. Combat the negative energy with Yoga or breathing exercises.



If anything practice your smile in the mirror. Smiling has many healthy benefits. It can lower your stress levels, heart rate, and can improve your productivity at work.



A good amount of sleep is a major factor in the journey to a happier life. Sleep deprivation can lead to many health issues. The average adult should sleep 7-9 hrs/Day.


Be happy!


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