Earth Day is this weekend and a great way to give back to our planet? Plan a neighborhood clean up!

Jennifer Cameron and her son from Guelph, Ontario have planned a number of clean ups!

Jennifer has tips for us!

What you’ll need for a clean up:

  • garbage bags
  • plastic or latex gloves
  • hand sanitizer to use before eating
  • litterless snacks (juice, fruit, muffins in reusable containers)

How to plan out your clean up:

Get the word out: Knock on doors, email and use free newspaper or radio announcements to let people know about your cleanup event.

  • Set a rain date just in case.
  • The day before, adults should scour the area and pick up hazardous materials (broken glass, condoms, etc.).

If you can’t get the entire neighborhood to help, Jennifer says : “Even one or two families with a few garbage bags can make a difference.”

Today’s Parent has the full story!

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