An ice cream shop in NYC has created the most expensive ice cream sundae in the world.

What makes it so expensive? The ingredients and toppings!

This ice cream sundae is worth… $1500!

It’s called the “Bear Extraordinaire”. 

The actual ice cream is a house made Vanilla ice cream, made with vanilla beans imported from Madagascar.

The ice cream is wrapped with a white chocolate shell, hand painted with cocoa butter.

The ice cream is placed atop 3 ounces of black truffles. The toppings include a rare Manjari dark chocolate and Valrhona Gold cocoa.

Covering the white chocolate shell is a hibiscus champagne sauce, with citrus meringue, with  fondant butterflies sitting on angel hair sugar strands and edible gold and silver leaves.

The real cost is the rare crystal bowl that you eat the ice cream from, and you get to keep!

Would you try this?!?!

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