Today is WORLD RADIO DAY!  We want to celebrate along with you and share some fun stories from your fav CHYM announcers on why they love radio!  Don’t forget you can text the word RADIO to 967-967 (standard text message rates apply) all day today for your chance to win a RADIO from us! #WORLDRADIODAY

*Contest will close @ February 13th, 2019 11:59pm


Sandra – “I didn’t get into TV so I applied for a Radio Broadcasting course at Loyalist College, in Belleville and was accepted. Within days I was in love and so happy that I made that move. My first job was in promotions in Kamloops, B.C. and I wore flip flops to a rodeo. What did I know about rodeos? Nothing. But, learned that sheep leave messes that flip flops can’t handle…so gross. I have spent 48 Hours in a 10,000 gallon tank of water for charity, did an obstacle course (in platforms…poor planning on my part) during an Argo game, interviewed some really rad people, met some of my best friends, explored our great Country and most recently made our lobby explode with pumpkins to help the animals. Let’s be real, that was because of YOU! My goal has always been to turn the mic on and make someone smile. If I can make you smile, then I have done my job. Thanks for listening! Xo Sandra”


Brady –  “I’ve been around the world of Radio my entire life, it’s safe to say I was born into it. Growing up my dad worked at radio stations (and still does to this day… almost 40 years!) For as long as I can remember I’ve been listening to the radio. I grew up in a house where it was always on, I mean always on, it never turned off! Weekends were spent at the station with my dad and that amazing feeling of being in a radio station never went away. It’s a cool feeling to be able to walk in your parents foot steps and I owe a lot of what I know now to my radio upbringing! It’s an absolute honour to be able to be on the radio everyday and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I owe a lot to this industry and I’m thankful for all of the amazing people I’ve gotten to meet along the way! I love it so much that I got a giant radio tattoo in the most painful spot on your arm, now that’s love! Happy World Radio Day!”


Adele – “I think what I love most about radio is how at any point in time ….we can change and adapt. We can be your best friend, your personal DJ, your source of information and be on the ground in hours in another country lending a hand. One of the most incredible experiences of my life was broadcasting from Haiti after the earthquake. Because of radio we were able to raise thousands of dollars and hand out medicine and food on behalf of Waterloo Region. The power of radio is endless – It is what we make it!!!”


Tara – “I used to “play” radio as a kid but didn’t realize that it was an actual job until a favourite high school teacher suggested it might be something I might be interested in. I was! lol Most days it still feels like playing and I feel so fortunate to have a job that fills me with joy. I love the immediacy and spontaneity of radio. It’s a medium that brings people together and connects us all.”


Will – “Happy World Radio Day! Radio is the most intimate form of communication. Just the DJ and you. It’s immediate, it’s a great source for news, music and so much more. The day I discovered radio: I was 4 years old. One morning, I was playing with my parents alarm clock. It had an FM/AM radio, and I stumbled upon a radio show hosted by Don Daynard and Erin Davis on CHFI. They were playing Stump the Chump with Darryl Dahmer .. and I heard how much fun they were having, playing great music, laughing, singing… I felt like part of the family! Later that day, I was sitting in my bedroom playing radio. I was hooked. Thank you to those who listen and support their local stations! #WorldRadioDay”