Have you ever had a crazy day where you wind up eating expensive take-out because you’re just too busy for meal planning?

In the SupperWorks meal assembly kitchen, you’ll prepare quick and easy dinners in a fraction of the time it would take at home! Who knew that meal preparation could be so easy and so enjoyable? No shopping trips, no hassle, no mess. Canadian owned and operated. Have you ever actually calculated the amount of time you put into grocery shopping, prepping ingredients, cooking, and cleaning up? Have you ever watched a chef on a cooking show and said “They make it look so easy! If I had somebody else do all the work for me, I could do that too.” SupperWorks can help. At SupperWorks, we’ve revolutionized home-cooking with bulk, on-site meal planning and assembly. We create delicious monthly recipes, do the shopping, the washing, the chopping and the clean-up. Our kitchens are fully stocked with premium-quality, restaurant-grade meats and produce.

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How Our Assembly Kitchen Works…

We create delicious monthly recipes and do all the prep work so you can prepare tasty, wholesome meals without the time and hassle associated with meal preparation at home. For more information CLICK HERE.


Step One: Select Meal
Choose from over 14 different meals that change monthly. All of our recipes are vigorously tested and we source local and seasonal ingredients.

Step Two: Select Solution
You can choose to assemble meals at one of our 10 Ontario locations, pick up your order in-store or have meals delivered directly to your door.


Step Three: Enjoy Your Meal
Meals can be eaten right away or stored in the fridge for up to 3 days. Additional meals are packaged to go directly into the freezer for those nights when you want a quick and easy dinner.

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