Spring is here! After an eventful Winter, it’s time to celebrate our world coming alive!

Spring officially arrives at 5:59pm.

To celebrate we have a list of ways to celebrate the season! Fun for the entire family!

  • Feed the ducks at a local pond or park.
  • Buy tickets to a Baseball game. 
  • Go on a family bike ride.
  • Pick flowers
  • Read a book outside.
  • Jump in a puddle. (Wear proper clothing!)
  • Find a local ice cream shop.
  • Plant a family tree. (Apple trees are great to plant, during early Spring)
  • Check out some bugs.
  • Make chalk art on the sidewalk.
  • Blow bubbles.
  • Check out a local farmer’s market.
  • Pick some berries.
  • Have a yard sale.
  • Spring Cleaning.

Happy Spring!!!

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