Kate Vanderlugt and I sat down to chat about her story and how it helped create “Your Own Two Feet” a place for you, single mama!

Check out more details below and take a listen to the interview. The #singlemamatribe is there for you.

xo Sandra

From Kate:

Your Own Two Feet is a complete support network for single moms and for women in the process of ending their marriage.
We all need to feel heard, respected and {in a perfect world} understood. But feeling understood when you’re struggling through a difficult time, can be really hard to find. And yet, we all DESERVE to feel heard, respected AND understood.
That’s where Your Own Two Feet comes in.
The ‘Your Own Two Feet’ course is designed to get you in an amazing headspace and give you a mindset reset as you move through whichever stage of the process you’re currently in. Once you’ve been through the course, that inevitable “well that was amazing, and I feel amazing, and those women were so amazing…but what now?!” is where the Membership Site comes in.
The membership site is called the #SingleMama Tribe and its an incredible group of single mama’s all coming together for the common goal of supporting and uplifting and building each other up through the trials and tribulations that come with this fresh territory.
Connection, community and strength. are the pillars that the #SingleMama Tribe was built on.
Connection built through conversations, where you will always feel heard.
Community as a support system, where you will always feel respected.
Strength through tools and teachings, where you will feel completely understood.
Mama, you deserve all of this.
Kate Vanderlugt
IG: @makeshift.mama


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