Why do we all seem to have such a negative relationship with money? Maybe you made a resolution to be better with money and watch your spending. And, maybe it’s not going well. How about trying something new?

I sat down with Martha Adams, from Martha Adams Media, to help us create a positive shift in the way we feel about our money!

Martha and I talk about the ways that we can transition the way we make, spend and maybe save money to how we can instead earn, grow and enjoy the way we each want to. Pour a cup of tea or coffee and listen to what may be one of the most approachable, understandable and practical money conversations you’ll hear!

Photo Credit: www.marthaadams.ca


Martha’s book, Cleopatra’s Riches (scheduled for release this spring) will be the financial guide that will change your relationship with money! To get the details and learn more head to www.cleopatrasriches.com

Have a listen to our chat. Hopefully, you’ll feel as inspired and empowered as I did afterwards.

xo Sandra


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