Dating is exciting & sometimes an uncomfortable experience. Living in the COVID-19 dating world, things are different from what they used to be. Everyone is starting to settle into their new normal & figure things out. Just because things are different, doesn’t mean you can’t put yourself out there in the dating world! There are tons of dating apps & different ways to virtually meet someone for a healthy & safe date! What does your 2020 date night look like?

#1 Video Call

Say hello & introduce yourself! Sometimes a video call is a nice first step before meeting in person.

#2 Walk in the park or nature hike!

There are tons of great spots to go in the Waterloo Region…
– Huron Natural Area
– Victoria Park
– Stanley Park Conservation Area
– Walter Bean Grand River Trail
– Waterloo Park

Plus, so many more! Check out for more great trails in the area!

#3 Video call & watch a movie together!

Pick out a movie & get cozy! You can even link up your video, and watch it at the exact same time as your date.

#4 Pick a spot to watch the sunset

Pack some snacks, plus a blanket! Search for a romantic spot and watch the sunset! A nice spot to go, is McLennan Park in Kitchener!

#5 Patio food & drinks

Nothing screams summer than cold patio beverages! Meet up with your date & enjoy some food & drinks together.

#6 Video Games

Step into the virtual world & play a video game with your date. Try not show your competitive side!

#7 Cook a romantic dinner

Add a personal touch with a home cooked meal!

#8 Go for a bike ride or roller skate!

Nobody said a date can’t be active! Find a local bike trail or test out your roller-skating skills!

#9 Tube, kayak, or canoe the Grand River!

Get out on the water and explore the Grand River! Tubing, kayaking, or a canoe trip is a playful way to get to know your date.

#10 Go for ice cream

Is it even a date in the summer if you don’t have ice cream? Go for a cold sweet treat with your sweetie!