CHYM Tree of Hope 2018

The CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon has raised an incredible $222,694.00!  Thank you for your generous donations! Together we made a difference!


It’s the season of magic … when anything is possible. Family and Children’s Service Foundation with support of donors help make magic happen every day!
They’re a beacon of hope for local families in need. Let’s ensure that bright light keeps sparkling. The CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon, Thursday December 6th at CF Fairview Park. In support of Family and Children’s Services of Waterloo Region Foundation. You can donate by phone, online or in-person at CF Fairview Park. Together, we can make a difference.

The CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon – brought to you by Welker and Associates.



The CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon, Thursday December 6th  – live from CF Fairview Park!

  • Drive for Hope with Brady & Tara from 6a-9a
  • Sandra broadcasting live from 9a-3p
  • Drive for Hope with Adele from 3p-6p


You can donate by phone at (519) 748-TREE (8733) or text the words “TREE HOPE” to 20222, or stop by when CHYM is on location Thursday December 6th from CF Fairview Park! CLICK HERE to donate online. 


Abbey & Olivia’s Story:

Heather & Jen’s Story:

Kevin’s Story:

Mr. Kraft’s Story:


Sabrina’s Story:

Lilian’s Story:

Mohammed’s Story:


After the theatre class the kids are excited, more confident, and really enthusiastic about what they learned…they have a sense of ‘I can do this!’

This is what ordinary magic looks like!

When we talk about the ordinary magic in our programs like The Resilience Project, we’re talking about helping kids find their spark.

And donors like you make this magic happen!

You can click here to read a special report on how your gifts are making a difference at the Family & Children’s Foundation. Our donors—kind and caring friends and neighbours like you—provide crucial support for kids and families every single day, all year-round.

Money raised through the annual CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon supports year-round programs and services not covered by government funding – counselling for survivors, scholarships for youth in care, summer camp experiences for kids and so much more. Your support of the CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon allows children, youth and families to bounce back from hardship and adversity and bounce forward so we can all be part of a caring community where children and families thrive.

Our focus this year is to raise funds to expand The Resilience Project to youth and to fund other needed programs and services that help children and families heal, learn and grow!

As Dr. Jill Stoddart writes in the newsletter (which you can read HERE) “At the heart of our Resilience Project is giving kids the opportunity to find their spark, giving them something to look forward to, and helping them express their unique identities. Instead of a child saying, “I’m a refugee” or “I’m a kid in care” what they say is, “I’m an artist” or “I’m a poet”. What is more beautiful than that? These are the moments where I know we’re making a difference in kids’ lives.”

Thanks to grants from the Hallman Foundation and the support of our donors, we have seen tremendous success through The Resilience Project in children under 12. Now we want to take what we have learned and make the same magic possible for youth between the ages of 13 and 21.
Below you can see some specific and tangible ways you can help kids and families right now. By making a special gift to the CHYM Tree of Hope Radiothon, you can make more ordinary magic possible!

With gratitude,
Karen Spencer
Executive Director