Take a moment and picture it… your happy place. Maybe you’re surrounded by flowers…or being pampered…or simply off the hook for dinner tonight. CHYM wants you to choose whatever gives you all the feels, and enter the Happy Place Showcase!

Your Happy Place Showcase #1 – Envie Intimates

Enter for your chance to win a year-long seasonal shopping spree from Envie Intimates! This includes $250 gift card to use in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall!

ENVIE Intimates is more than intimate apparel. The retailer offers hundreds of exquisite lingerie pieces and luxuries with the objective to make women feel beautiful, powerful, comfortable, and above all else, look as sexy as they feel. With its diverse inventory, styles and sizes, ENVIE Intimates is a place for women to discover their own interpretation of lingerie that reflects their unique personality and lifestyle.

ENVIE offers an unforgettable full sensory retail experience. ENVIE Intimates will introduce you to intoxicating aromas, luxurious adornments, and innovative interior design, along with an attentive and knowledgeable staff to maximize your personal comfort. From seductive lingerie to invigorating bath oils, ENVIE takes a holistic approach to beauty, providing every detail to make every woman a head-to-toe goddess. Explore Envie Intimates here

ENVIE Intimates is a representation of today’s feminine beauty – strong, powerful and deserving of best fit bras and lingerie with a client focused experience to amplify comfort and trust. Our objective is to make our clients feel powerful, and above all else, to look and feel confident.