Take a moment and picture it… your happy place. Maybe you’re surrounded by flowers…or being pampered…or simply off the hook for dinner tonight. CHYM wants you to choose whatever gives you all the feels, and enter the Happy Place Showcase!


Your Happy Place Showcase #3 – Pi Co Pizza Bar

Enter for your chance to win pizza for you and your family for a year with a $1,000 gift card from Pi Co Pizza Bar!

Pizza places in our city were the same old, same old- either quick & dirty pizza chains or fine-dining hot spots. But who said there couldn’t be something in between? In 2016, Pi Co Pizza Bar created just that. A place where authentic, custom-crafted Neapolitan pizza could be fired up in 90 seconds! A place where ‘quick & easy’ could actually mean fresh, healthy and high-quality. And a place that turns something you’ve eaten a million times, into a completely fresh, new experience. “Let’s have pizza” will never mean the same thing again. Let’s be friends. Follow Pi Co Pizza Bar #CraftYours – Explore Pi Co Pizza Bar here