Frequently Asked Questions

How can I collect my prize?
If you have won a prize from CHYM 96.7 you may pick up your prize (make sure to bring photo ID) at 230-1, The Boardwalk in Kitchener (right above the Rogers Store). The hours are as follows:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5:30pm

Why doesn’t the radio station start right away when I click on the “Listen Live” link on
In order for us to stream our radio station on the website, we need to sell advertising to recover some of the hard costs. This includes selling a commercial that airs while the station stream is “loading” for you to hear. The station will start automatically after the commercial.

In the past I was always able to access the “Listen Live” feature. Now however, I am not. Why?
There has probably been in a change in your system, and you might not even know it! Here are a few things to try:
For PC users: Download Windows Media Player again and install it with all the defaults.
For MAC users: Download Flip4Mac and install it with all the defaults.
If you see a blank window appear when clicking on Listen Live, then your system is configured to block all ads from being served; so you’re not able to access the feed. If this is the case please contact us.

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